2023 Cheer Competition Dates & Locations

  • EMASS Power in Pink Invitational
    • Tentatively scheduled for October 1 pending location

  • EMASS Local Championship
    • Tentatively scheduled for October 21 pending location
    • Top 3 qualify for States

  • Massachusetts State Championship  
    • November 4, 2023 (Top 3 qualify for Regionals)
    • ​Lowell Memorial Auditorium in Lowell, MA

  • New England Regional Championship
    • November 19, 2023 (Top 3 qualify for Nationals)
    • Hosted by New Hampshire at UNH Whitmore Center

  • American Youth Cheer (AYC) National Championship: 
    • Team Check-in December (exact dates pending)
    • 2-day Competition December 
    • Top 5 advance from day 1 to Super Sunday
    • Silver Spurs Arena, Kissimmee, Florida


Apparel, Accessories & Equipment

Cheerleaders are required to wear athletic clothing (e.g. shorts, t-shirt, non-competition or competition sneakers as appropriate) to all practices. There should be no denim, zippers or buttons on shorts. Camis or spaghetti strapped tops are not allowed. (These can cause safety issues when stunting). 

No Jewelry is allowed (e.g. earrings or other piercings) with exception to medical id bracelets or necklaces.  Any cheerleader with jewelry will not be allowed to practice or participate in games or competitions. 

All cheerleaders should have their hair pulled back in a ponytail for every practice. No nail polish is allowed and all nails should be kept short. 

Cheer apparel is a combination of:

  • Items provided by the program as part of registration (e.g. uniform vest or top, skirt, bow)
  • Items ordered by the program and paid separately by the cheerleader (e.g. fleece or sweatshirt, competition jacket, etc.)
  • Items purchased separately by the cheerleader not ordered by the program (e.g. white game sneakers, black leggings for cold days, clear poncho or raincoat)  

Any items owned by Mansfield Youth Cheer are not to be worn outside of league sponsored events.  They can be washed on the gentle cycle in cold water but line dried only. Uniforms will be returned to Mansfield Youth Cheer at the end of the season. Uniforms not returned or damaged will be the financial responsibility of the parents or guardians.  

Cheer apparel fitting night(s) will be held in May.  We make every effort to keep mandatory items the same for a number of consecutive years so they may be re-used year after year or passed on to others. If you have any immediate questions relative to estimated costs, please reach out to MansfieldYouthCheer@gmail.com.  Additional information will also be shared via email to all registrants.

Behavior Policy

All Cheerleaders are expected to adhere to the code of conduct.

Fighting, intimidation, bullying, use of illegal substances (including cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and vaping by minors) or disrespect for authority by any cheerleader or parent during practices, games or Mansfield Youth Football & Cheer functions will not be tolerated. These activities may result in suspension up to removal from the Mansfield Youth Football & Cheer program without refund. 

Please remember that each cheerleader is representing Mansfield Youth Football & Cheer and the Town of Mansfield. Cheerleaders and parents should always conduct themselves in a proper manner and display good sportsmanship to the organization, team members, coaches and opposing teams.

We need you

Mansfield Youth Football & Cheer is an all-volunteer organization.  We always need volunteers and there are many different ways you can contribute to make a difference – coaching, fundraising or as a team parent.  If everyone does a little it goes a long way! 

Please let us know where you can volunteer.

For All Cheer related inquiries, please email 

​Cheer Squads/Teams & Divisional Breakdown

Competition Non-AdvancingFor our youngest cheerleaders on 8u this provides the opportunity for the team to perform a full two minute and 30 second routine. It provides the opportunity for the team’s routine to be judged enabling coaches to identify areas for enhancement going forward.  Competition non-advancing teams are placed at invitational or local competition events but do not advance to States.  Practices post the summer are limited to 1x a week but may increase when needed leading up to an event at the discretion of the Head Coach.
CompetitionProvides the opportunity for the team’s routine to be judged, the squad to be placed and to advance. Competition teams compete at invitational and Local events with the objective of placing first, second or third in order to advance to State, Regional and National Championships.  Competition teams practice 3x a week post summer beginning in September.

Summer practice will begin on or about August 1 - this year the board voted to start (to be confirmed)

  • Summer practices are typically held Monday through Thursday between 6:00pm - 8:00pm
  • The first two weeks in August 2022 practice will be held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday only (to be confirmed)
  • All cheerleaders should arrive at Memorial Park at the start of practice at the bleachers unless otherwise directed by their coaches
  • Remember to bring plenty of water and apply bug spray and sunscreen as needed before practice begins

After Labor Day, competition squads will continue to practice 3 days a week through the competition season. Non-Advancing squads (8u) will continue to practice 1 day a week through the end of October, early November.    

Practice times and locations will depend on the availability of gym space. If weather permits, practice may continue outside. The Head Coach of each squad will determine practice days and times. 

Competition practices are mandatory. You’ll learn more about the competition team guidelines and expectations when we kick-off the 2023 season but if you have any questions or concerns prior to registering, please reach out to MansfieldYouthCheer@gmail.com.

As reminder, please be sure there is a coach visibly present before dropping your cheerleader off at practice. Please be prompt when picking your child up from practice. Cheerleaders will not be released until an adult is present. Coaches should be aware if someone other than a parent or guardian is picking up the cheerleader. Please let the coaches know in advance if a cheerleader is going to miss a practice. 

Cheer Policies

DivisionAge RangeCategory
14uAges 11-14Competition
12uAges 9-12Competition
10uAges 7-10Competition
8uAges 5-8*Competition Non-Advancing 

Once the registration process has been completed, cheerleaders will be assigned to a squad. Each cheerleader will be notified of their team placement in June.  The divisions below show a broad range of ages per division. Please contact us for more information.

*At this time Mansfield Youth Cheer will extend the opportunity to begin cheerleading as early as 1st grade (age 6) as of July 31.  

AYC divisions are aged based.  Placement of participants on a cheer roster is based on their age as of July 31 of the current year. Teams may be categorized as small v. large based on the number of cheerleaders per squad, as well as, level 1, 2, 3 or 4 depending on skill ability. Squads also declare whether they are Competition Non-Advancing or Advancing. Below is a brief description of each declaration.

​​Welcome to Mansfield Youth Cheer!

Home of the 2018 14u AYC National Champions, 2019 10u & 14u Massachusetts State Champions

& 2021 8u Bay State Invitational Champions! And so much more!!!

We are excited about the new season with American Youth Cheer (AYC) and the Eastern MA (EMASS) Conference.  We are here to answer any questions you may have about the upcoming spring and fall seasons.  Below you’ll find information related to Divisions and Team Placement, Save the Dates for football games and competitions, cheer apparel and the 2022 Cheer Committee.    

Please direct all cheer related questions and inquiries to CJ Reed at 

The 2022 Cheer Committee includes the cheer director along with individuals representing key volunteer commitments. The expanded committee includes a number of roles vital to the success of our program including but not exclusive of coaching, apparel management, administration and fundraising.  We are always looking for individuals to volunteer throughout the season.


Registration & Football Games

  • Spring Cheer - Registration opens April 2023 (date TBC)
  • This year Spring Cheer will start post the April School Vacation. This is a great chance to try cheer without the commitment or cost of the full Fall Season.
    • Details to follow regarding day, time and location
    • Participants will receive a MYC Spring Cheer t-shirt and bow

  • Fall Season Registration - Registration opens in April
  • Registration will close in May to allow time for uniform sizing and apparel fittings
  • There will be 8 regular season football games starting the first weekend in September 
  • Football play-offs begin the end of October and wrap-up in mid-November
  • Competitions begin in October and from advancing squads run through mid-December

  • Apparel Night to be confirmed (no later than mid-June)

Practice Schedule

Save the Dates