Volunteer Information

​The Mansfield Youth Football and Cheer program depends on volunteers.  Please volunteer where you can - every little bit helps. 


Head Coach / Assistant Coach
Our coaches are ALL volunteers. They spend 50-100 hours preparing for the season, and then another 150-200 hours during the season. They attend clinics on safety, sports injuries, coaching and motivating kids, practice organization and the philosophy of our program. They make a lot of personal sacrifices, so we ask that you support the coaches and whenever you get a chance, please extend your thanks to them for their dedication and commitment.   

Team Parent
Next to the Head Coach, the Team Parent is one of the most important persons for a successful team.  The Team Parent is responsible for the following: 

  • Assist with paperwork collection for the team. 
  • Provide coaches with feedback from the parents. 
  • Assist in lining up game day volunteers. 
  • Develop a call and email list to inform players of last-minute changes or cancellations. 
  • Hand out or email communications to parents from the league or coaches. 


Play Monitor
Two are needed each week - one for our team, and one for the opposing team.  This is a very important job and if possible, it would be great if the same parent would do it each week for our team.  A second monitor is required for the other team as well (there are 2 monitors on each sideline).  It allows the parent up close and personal access to the sideline and a great way to get to know the players.  This usually only takes the 1st half of a game to complete.

Team Reporter
The kids love seeing their names in print a few days after the games.  Please consider writing articles for your child's team!  The editor will edit and send in to the Mansfield News and Sun Chronicle each week. 

Some tips:

  • Please put MANSFIELD YOUTH FOOTBALL AND CHEER  and the grade in the subject line. 
  • Each article should be a real report of what happened during that particular game.  The newspaper decides what actually runs because of space issues, so if it's just a list of players, chances are it will get cut. 
  • Deadlines are strict. All articles need to be emailed to the team editor by Monday at 10am. No promises can be made if it comes in after that.

For home games, it's great if the team has an announcer!  The kids love to hear their names and plus you get a bird's eye view of the game from the press box!


Chain Gang
Three people are needed for the down marker and chains during home games.  You get a sideline view of the game!  

Paul's Place
Volunteer a lot or a little.  Have fun.  Lots of tasty treats and lots of nice people.